Omega 3 Fish Oil supplementation


Fish Oil…OK, so this isn’t just a health FAD; It seems to have some actual scientific proof to be a health benefit.  So how do we start supplementing our wild Salmon intake?  Maybe no other website out there can put it as plainly and clearly as our friends over at Whole 9.

In this article… “Whole 9′s Official Fish Oil FAQ’s” you’ll get your basic questions answered.

Remember they run a highly successful nutrition blog based on eating real food and keep in mind their main philosophy towards fish oil… “Hear us clearly, you can’t fish oil your way out of poor dietary choices, lack of sleep, overtraining and any combination of the above”.  2-4grams/day is what they recommend (that is by adding both the EPA & DHA mg’s on the label)

Whole 9’s top choice for fish oil is –   High quality ingredients.  Pricey, yes, but you get what you pay for here.  Highly concentrated EPA and DHA (1500mg & 1000mg respectively) so much smaller serving size to get the recommended dose.  About $1.20/day for the 3500mg recommended.

For another liquid form fish oil a little cheaper (about $.80/day) you can check out’s brand  They’re at 800mgEPA and 500mgDHA, lower concentration so more down the throat.

I personally (Lindeman) take 3600mg/day of’s Mega EFA Omega 3 softgels.  Still good quality behind the SFH liquid but the price is right for me.  They’re at 800mgEPA & 400mgDHA per two softgels, so, I end up swallowing three with food in the AM and three with food in the PM.  Two reasons I like them: Softgels are easily to get around, & it runs me about $.55/day.

This is one of a very few supplements we’ll encourage so get on it, but more importantly get the good fats in your real food diet…wild caught Salmon, grass fed Beef, organic free range eggs.  Enjoy.