Throwing Sandbags – Capt. Hector Lagomasino

South Metro’s station 47 Capt. Hector Lagomasino has been training with sandbags out at the firehouse and SMFRfitness buy a dissertation online had the chance to pick his brain and video some of his favorite sandbag exercises. We also get a look at just how fit this 59 year old leader of our department really is. The Cap shows phone spy app here how effective sandbag training is for preparing for the demands of an unpredictable fireground. He’s been using both commercial and homemade sandbags with great success…–8c


The bags shown and referenced in this video are from: Rogue Fitness (small & medium) and Ultimate Sandbags

A great resource for learning the many exercises you can do with sandbags can be found here, @ Ultimates “Free Sandbag Workouts”

47’s has also made their own sandbags from inner tubes. They were bought at a Tractor store here in Parker, Potestio Brothers , although tubes can be found many places online also. Low cost duffle bags are also available in numerous places (the thicker and simpler the better). Try phone spy app the Army Surplus store at Broadway & Hampden. There are also some great YouTube tutorials for homemade sandbags with practical low cost tips…check out This Budget Sandbag Video and That Bulgarian Sandbag Video


Remember to start out your sandbag training slow. spy cell phone sms free homework help go math Do not try it day one and go until you feel like you got a workout…you will feel the workout on day 2 and 3 J And always – WARM-UP. Happy training.

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  1. Brian L

    Check with Eric Ritter also for sandbags. He can sew up some similar bags to Ultimate or Rogue.

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